Pain is Temporary Tour 2018 

Get your climbing legs ready folks here comes Neighborhood Cyclery’s, “Pain Is Temporary Tour” 2018! That’s Right, we are bringing this climbing series back once again! 

What this tour is about:

Cycling is a community sport that brings a diverse group of people together. In this tour, we create a safe and comfortable environment to allow beginner riders to test their climbing skills. Our goal is to help riders push their fitness to a new level by supplying the proper physical, nutritional, and mental support that is needed to complete the tough climbs. Our number one goal throughout this tour is to ensure that our riders are comfortable and enjoying themselves before, during, and after their ride. These rides are designed to allow you to climb as much as you can, and turn back to the starting point when you feel that you are finished. 

When the tour dates are:

This tour consists of three different climbs: Oak GlenGMR, and Onyx. All the rides will begin at 7:00 AM. The Oak Glen ride will be April 22nd, Gmr will be May 20th, and Onyx will be June 10th. 

The Pain Is temporary tour is free for all riders, please to be sure to RSVP at our facebook page here for which rides you are wanting to do!

Stay posted for more information on any other future announcements about the tour.